Photo courtesy of Danny L Harle

Danny L Harle & Clairo's "Blue Angel" Is Perfect For Crying In The Club

Let the tears drop!

PC Music's Danny L Harle is a mastermind when it comes to churning out emotional pop bangers, and his latest collaboration with Clairo is no exception. "Blue Angel" is a bittersweet electro-pop song in the same vein as "Broken Flowers," meaning it'll make you feel an immense amount of sadness while simultaneously wanting to shimmy away the pain. The only thing dropping here is your broken heart on the dance floor!

"Hearts are frozen/ No words to say," sings Clairo. "I said I'd go and it's okay, but I.../ I can't stop/ My tear drop falls like snow."

According to Pitchfork, Clairo and Danny have an EP in the works, which means more dance-sob music to come! Shed some tears while you stream the song and watch the animated video by Timothy Luke.