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21 Songs That Will Eat Your Heart Out On Valentine's Day

Because we love you

When it comes to Valentine's Day, you're on one of two sides: praising the heavens for bringing someone amazing into your life and showering them with love, or cursing all those who have betrayed your precious heart. And then there are a select few who find themselves somewhere in-between, hopeless romantics who strive to be optimistic that the universe will eventually guide them to their one true soulmate. Regardless if you've been hit with Cupid's arrow, we've got 21 songs that are perfect for whatever situationship you currently find yourself in on this ~beloved~ holiday. (At the end of the day, self-love is more important anyway!)

  • "hate u love u," Olivia O'Brien

    Olivia O'Brien claims that she always falls for guys that wind up having zero interest in her, a painful process that many of us will find all too familiar. This track portrays the internal struggle of wanting someone that you can't have because the feelings aren't reciprocated which really sucks. Beware of crushes, they're capable of breaking your heart too! - Sydney Gore

  • “Tequila,” Dan + Shay

    Sometimes you just wanna cry, and “Tequila” by Dan + Shay will definitely get you in the mood this V-Day. The song is a classic country ballad about thinking you’ve moved on from someone, but the minute you taste tequila you remember how badly you miss and love them. Totally the perfect song to drown your love woes in... especially paired with a lime. - Kristen Maldonado

  • "Gone For Good," The Shins

    Shins frontman James Mercer was one of the strongest lyricists of the '00s, and "Gone For Good," a rare country-tinged ballad from the group, captures Mercer at his lovelorn best. On this track, he's both the heartbreaker and the heartbroken, an absurdity concisely described by a chorus that bemoans "a fatal flaw in the logic of love." Though painful, the song doubles as a sturdy companion to those of us who are starting over from scratch. - Gus Turner

  • "Walk Me Home," Ryan Hemsworth feat. Lontalius

    Nothing warms my heart faster than a beautiful breakup ballad! This song captures that good, old-fashion unrequited love. - Sydney Gore

  • "Delicate," Taylor Swift

    “This ain’t for the best,” Taylor warns to a future ex-lover. And yet “Delicate," drenched in sad echoes of somber wonder (“Is it chill that you’re in my head?”) still holds a bright lights, big city optimism for whatever fleeting love is about to develop. - Terron Moore

  • "How To Be A Heartbreaker," Marina & The Diamonds

    Because sometimes you need a memo to kiss the boys and make them die! Catching feelings is a disease, honestly. But it doesn't have to be that deep all the time so try to have some fun. - Sydney Gore

  • "Heartbreaker," MSTRKRFT feat. John Legend

    As the title of the song indicates, this is about those fuccbois and fuccgirls who leave us heartbroken in the wake of their selfish choices. Those who aren't in relationships today will reminisce on what could have been with past lovers and maybe wallow in a pint or two. But by blasting this jam and reminding yourself that these players will probably end up alone anyway, you’ll feel much better and confident in your independence! - Moani Ichinose

  • "Except For Us," Austin Mahone

    If you’re looking for a sexy jam this Valentine’s Day, look no further than “Except For Us.” He croons about how everything from kissing to touching to just holding each other feels like it’s the first time and “nobody else exists, except for us” when he’s with his SO. - Kristen Maldonado

  • "Track10," Charli XCX

    I blame it on your... lo0o0o0o0o0o0ove! Don't fight the fall, even if it trips you up. - Sydney Gore

  • "Lights On," H.E.R.

    Listen, H.E.R. is getting it on with her man and she wants to keep the damn lights on! - Landyn Pan

  • "Japanese Denim," Daniel Caesar

    You can't put together a playlist that revolves around love without including Daniel Caesar, that's sinful behavior! This soulful ballad is a reminder that it's important to invest your time with someone who fully recognizes your worth. I want that everlasting love that doesn't have an expiration date like the many ghosts of fuccboi past. - Sydney Gore

  • "Good Sign," Charlotte Dos Santos

    “Good Sign” is a sweet song with lovely summer vibes. It’s about the early stages of falling of love and knowing that the person you’re with is the one. - Landyn Pan

  • "Mystery Of Love," Sufjan Stevens

    My heart only sings for the gospel of Sufjan! This song is so pure, it hurts my chest. Oh, and please do yourself a favor and watch Call Me By Your Name ASAP. - Sydney Gore

  • "Open Arms," PRETTYMUCH

    Maybe it’s the fact that this song goes a full 65 seconds before a single beat drops, but something about PRETTYMUCH’s old-school R&B harmonies here feel as honest and pure as a Valentine’s love should. - Terron Moore

  • "Song For You," Rhye

    To me, there's nothing more romantic than the sound of Milosh singing sweet nothings about the thrill of falling in love. His fluttery voice sends shivers down my spine. If you're lucky enough to find someone that you are comfortable with fully exposing yourself to on an emotional level, that's true intimacy. - Sydney Gore

  • "The Sweetest Taboo," Sade

    Wherever you're celebrating Valentine's Day, or whomever with, I hope Sade is playing. - Gus Turner

  • "Body," Syd

    This song will easily get anyone in the mood. Syd encourages her lover to let herself go in the moment and ditch inhibitions, allowing her body run the show. - Landyn Pan

  • "& It Was U," How To Dress Well

    Tom Krell's whispering vocals are so reassuring on this snappy R&B jam as he promises an ex-lover that he will always be there for her no matter what. May your ears be blessed by this sweet angel of music. For more uplifting tunes of his, please give What Is This Heart? a spin.- Sydney Gore

  • "Blind Man," Xavier Omar

    “Blind Man” is about loving someone on the inside, which is the most important love of all. He’s singing about how he can feel her beauty radiating from the inside out. - Landyn Pan

  • "Long Way to Go," Gwen Stefani feat. Andre 3000

    Yes, Gwen’s cultural appropriation is faulty, but this song is a tribute to all the interracial couples out there who are overcoming obstacles to be rightfully happy. We tend to forget that racial biases bleed into the social complexities of love and who we deem worthy enough share a family with. By being with those different than you, you're creating a new generation who see love and value in those who look alike as well as those who look different from you. - Moani Ichinose

  • "FaceTime," 21 Savage

    21 Savage is known for rapping about dark topics like violence in the streets and drug use, but for once he shows his tender side in this track... which I imagine is referring to Amber Rose. - Landyn Pan