Photo courtesy of @PRETTYMUCH/Twitter

PRETTYMUCH Has Gifted Us With "10,000 Hours"

Because BEANZ deserve all the love this world has to offer

Roses are red, violets are blue, did you know that PRETTYMUCH really loves you? Cancel all of your Valentine's Day plans right now because your favorite boys just dropped "10,000 Hours" and it should be the only thing you listen to for the rest of the day. I'm sure you (like me) already spend an unhealthy amount of time obsessing over PRETTYMUCH, but the boys did the math and narrowed it down to an approximate unit of time. The single is a beautiful ballad about investing all of your time and energy into someone that you adore that is sung with angelic harmonies and a bangin' beat that sounds similar to Drake's More Life hit "Fake Love" (which only makes me love it more). Don't sleep on this bop--stop what you're doing and bump it right now!