SOPHIE's "Faceshopping" Was Made Specifically For The Skincare-Obsessed

"I'm real when I shop my face"

At the moment, we've reached a point in society where there is no shame for being obsessed with your skin... especially your face. The rise in popularity of skin care has only elevated our laser-sharp attention to detail when it comes to the way in which we see ourselves and ultimately what we want to show others.

Ever since SOPHIE burst on to the music scene back in 2013, she's always toyed with the idea of making pop music that falls under the genre "advertising," even going so far as to having her breakout hit "Lemonade" featured in a McDonald's commercial in 2015. While the British artist's latest single "Faceshopping" doesn't explicitly plug any brands, it certainly nods to the extreme measures we take to alter the appearance of our faces from makeup to cosmetic surgery.

Yes, it's a banger, but the song really makes you think about how we treat our faces. When does it stop being a form of self-expression and start turning into a method to "synthesize the real"? Crank this track all the way up below.