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The Drop: Bea Miller, Charlotte Day Wilson & Demo Taped

Plus Starchild & The New Romantic and Corey Flood!

Here's why Thursday is low-key the best day of the week: Before the weekend hits, there's always an outpouring of album releases on Friday. So, if you're like us, then you're staying up tonight to get that first glorious listen when your new faves drop right at midnight. If you're also hunting for fresh new sounds, scroll down and get familiar with both of the artists on our list in the roundup, below.

  • Bea Miller- Aurora

    This 18-year-old pop star in the making has zero tolerance for slut-shaming or bullying on a sophomore album that contains a multitude of honest and empowering anthems to unite women worldwide. Even in moments of darkness, it's important to remember that the future can still be bright.

  • Charlotte Day Wilson- Stone Woman EP

    Like most indie artists out of Toronto, this R&B vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer will blow your mind with her mesmerizing EP. Let her rich voice caress you like a warm embrace as she these six intimate tracks persuade your heart to take a chance on love... even if it ends in regret.

  • Demo Taped- Momentary EP

    At only 19 years old, this singer and producer is another prime example of what self-described ATLiens are capable of. His latest project out on 300 Entertainment touches on natural human insecurities like anxiety and depression, but keeps the production light so it doesn't weigh too heavy on your conscience.

  • Corey Flood- Wish You Hadn’t EP

    What's not to love about a "dark pop" band from Philadelphia? Named after one of the characters in Cameron Crowe's 1989 classic Say Anything, the group's debut EP is loaded with songs that challenge social constructs like male archetypes and the pain of romantic betrayal. The goths are alive and well, baby.

  • Starchild & The New Romantic- Language

    After years of supporting influential artists like Solange and Dev Hynes on tour and in the studio, Bryndon Cook is finally stepping out on his own with his official debut album. It's funk for a new generation!

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