Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images/MTV

5 Seconds Of Summer Just Shut Down Times Square For TRL

5SOS stans represent

Before Luke, Ashton, Michael and Calum even pulled up to the Viacom building, 5 Seconds Of Summer fans descended upon Times Square to wait for their highly anticipated arrival. As expected, the only thing you could hear in the TRL studio was non-stop screaming (and sobbing) once the band finally appeared. It's been two years since 5SOS dropped a full-length album, but last week they returned with a brand-new single called "Want You Back." Everyone in the building was all ears when the guys opened up about the inspiration behind the song and their experiences with love and heartbreak.

"Ever since I was in love the first time, I think I've been chasing the feeling that I felt with that particular person," said Ashton. "It ain't right with her anymore, but I'm searching for that feeling that we had and I haven't found it yet... That's what the song is about for me."

Later on, DC Young Fly blessed up a few of their biggest fans, bringing them into the studio to see 5SOS up close--one of the fans even got to sit with the guys on the couch before they hopped into a round of 5 Seconds Of Summer School. (That same fan wound up randomly winning a pair of tickets to the band's upcoming tour, so she basically had the best day ever.) The band also went on to express their support for all of the students that have been rallying for change in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

"It's the only way to change the future, but I think as long as young people are smart about the actions and approach things like this with love and tolerance... We need to be smart and band together," Ashton said. "The youth always have the power no matter what. That's how it works."

After 5SOS took some selfies with their fans, the cast of MTV's Winter Break: Hunter Mountain stopped by to fill everyone in on what to expect from their WILD season premiere tonight at 10:30pm. After chatting about their cabin fever, the cast played Most Likely To and completely exposed each other. Tune into TRL on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!