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Marlon Wayans Hints At The Possibility Of A White Chicks Sequel

Plus Christine Evangelista has a full circle moment in the 'TRL' studio

Throwback Thursday is always legendary at TRL, so what better way to honor it than with comedy king Marlon Wayans? After filling in Tamara Dhia on his extremely extensive vitamins routine, the funnyman told us more about his upcoming Netflix stand-up special Woke-ish, and its story of having your eyes "half open" to reality. He also said that there MIGHT be a White Chicks sequel in the works... something MAJOR to look forward to (and you heard it here first, folks)!

The Walking Dead star Christine Evangelista also strolled into the studio to promote her new E! show The Arrangement and show off some of her freestyle skills. The actress was experiencing her own full circle moment as she shared how she was once one of the screaming teenage girls waiting outside the building desperately hoping that Carson Daly would bring her inside. Little did she know that eventually she would become big enough to get on the couch!

Marlon and his brother Shawn made several appearances on the show in the past, so it was fun to listen to him reflect on that era while watching reels of their old footage. After Christine and Marlon played Sink Or Spill, he was dared to moon everyone in Times Square. He obliged, and now our iconic windows have a giant Wayans butt print! TRL airs on weekdays at 4:00pm ET!

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