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Please Don't Forget That Ezra Miller Is Still In A Band

Sons of an Illustrious Father works their magic on "Extraordinary Rendition"

I don't know about you, but I have been casually keeping an eye on Ezra Miller ever since I saw him in Beware The Gonzo in 2010. Shortly after that introduction, I watched We Need to Talk About Kevin and sort of became obsessed with him even though his character was a creepy psychopath. It was during this time that I found out Ezra was also the frontman of an indie band with Josh Aubin and Lilah Larson called Sons of an Illustrious Father and I knew that I had found the one. Back in those days, the Brooklyn-based trio's sound was more alternative folk leaning, but now they describe themselves as "genre queer" which I fully support (and you should too).

Today, the band unveiled a Raf Scobey-Thal-directed music video for their latest single "Extraordinary Rendition" and it's a full-on performance art spectacle. Ezra's mother, Marta Miller even came up with the choreography for the visual so it's truly something special to behold. In a recent interview with PAPER, Ezra explained how the song refers to the "U.S. government-sponsored practice of extrajudicial transfer of someone from one place suddenly to another."

"The song is about the moment when an unknown is suddenly transferred out of the frail and narrow perceptual lens that we usually exist in," he adds. "And, for one reason or another, the conscious filter breaks, and the way that this person suddenly starts to see things in a strange, familiar [way] and sort of a journey through that experience."

Obviously, Ezra is still very active with his career as an actor with big roles in the franchises for Fantastic Beasts and DC as The Flash. Either way, I will gladly take any art form that he chooses to put out into the world.

If you like what you see, catch Sons of an Illustrious Father live at the following gigs:

March 12- Bardot @ Hollywood, CA

March 14- 3/18 SXSW @ Austin, TX

March 21- C'mon Everybody @ Brooklyn, NY

March 28 C'mon Everybody @ Brooklyn, NY

April 14- Mississippi Studios @ Portland, OR

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