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13 Artists You Don’t Want To Miss At SXSW

Get your schedule organized ASAP

SXSW is officially underway and for the next week, the entire music industry has transported itself to Austin, Texas for the purpose of identifying the next big breakout star. So many artists flock to the festival to try their luck at making the right connections, but for people like us it's about discovering new talent. Here are 13 artists that we're excited to see in the flesh at some of the SXSW showcases throughout the week.

  1. Billie Eilish

    This 16-year-old is well on her way to becoming your favorite pop star and she only has one EP out which is fittingly titled don't smile at me. She already knocked the socks off everyone at TRL when she came on to perform "Ocean Eyes" and no doubt she'll do the same down in Austin. This month, Billie is set to embark on a North American headlining tour that is nearly sold-out in every city. Catch her while you still can!

  2. Willow Smith

    The youngest Smith offspring needs no introduction. She's had everyone on notice since 2010 with her breakout single "Whip My Hair," but since then Willow has proven that she's not here to be anyone's industry plant. Last year, the 17-year-old released her sophomore album titled The 1st and showed the world the true depth of her soul with an angst-driven project that embraces all of her stages of growth as a human being.

  3. Kodie Shane

    As the First Lady of the Sailing Team, expectations have been set above and beyond for this rapper and singer. The 19-year-old ATL native is making a name for herself and is so far removed from living in the shadow of Lil Yachty. Earlier this year, she surprise-dropped Big Trouble Little Jupiter and it's stacked with nothing but bangers.

  4. Haley Heynderickx

    Portland's latest export is the folk singer you didn't know that you needed in your life until she came quietly knocking on the door in the middle of the night. Hayley recently released her debut album I Need To Start a Garden and I guarantee that it will leave you feeling emotionally wrecked.

  5. Helena Deland

    Everybody knows that Canada is crawling with talent, especially in the city of Montréal. This emerging singer-songwriter describes her music as "sincere pop" and I couldn't agree more. Behind all of the pretty melodies, every song oozes with pure, raw honesty. Sometimes feelings just pour out, it's only natural!

  6. Anna Burch

    Will I ever stop writing about the next best thing from Detroit? Probably not. I've still got Quit the Curse on rotation and don't plan on switching it out anytime soon. Anna is even more charming in person and no doubt you'll be wooed by how earnest she comes off while performing on stage.

  7. Rico Nasty

    Hailing from Maryland's PG County, this 20-year-old MC is fierce AF and turning the hip-hop scene into a place where punk can fully thrive. Prepare to get hit hard when beats drop because she will go all the way off.

  8. Nilüfer Yanya

    London is calling and it sounds like a soulful guitar goddess! The 22-year-old has been nonchalantly carving a lane for herself with a handful of buzzy singles that effortlessly grab your attention. Between her low ringing vocals and the jazzy guitars, Nilüfer is bound to put a spell on you.

  9. Sassy 009

    This Norwegian electro-pop trio is putting the soul back into club music. In all honesty, there's no better place to analyze all of the relationships in your life than the dance floor and their groovy tunes will take you on that journey! Listen to your gut, or the flutes.

  10. Gus Dapperton

    Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for quite a show if you get to see this guy. Remember to pack your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie all night long because Gus Dapperton does not settle for standing around at his shows. His synth tunes will make you move in ways that you would have been embarrassed to in a past life, but in his presence you are encouraged to just be yourself. You're certain to lose your marbles, pearls and wigs!

  11. Topaz Jones

    Step aside, a new funk master has arrived! Straight out of New Jersey, this severely underrated rapper and singer has a refreshing flow on his groovy tracks that will have you swaying all day long. He's got the juice to quench your musical thirst.

  12. Buddy

    This Compton-bred rapper has approval from Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar and Kaytranada so needless to say that he's truly someone special on the horizon. Buddy doesn't hold back as he uses his music to shed light on all aspects of thug life from the lives lost to gang violence to the struggles that stem from striving for success. However, he also spreads messages of moments of positivity to remind listeners to stay counting their blessings.

  13. Yoke Lore

    Adrian Galvin's solo act is a delicious mixture of folk, pop and electronic that constantly keeps listeners on their toes. He's taking his time as he rises toward the top, but don't act surprised when you see Yoke Lore blow all the way up very soon.