Okay Kaya Asks A *Very* Important Question On "Dance Like U"

Do you? Do you?

The last time that we heard from Okay Kaya, she was making a humorous plea for a partner to accompany her to the clinic for an IUD. The whole concept should hit home for women worldwide during a time where reproductive (and human) rights are constantly threatened, but Kaya's lighthearted take on all the madness is uplifting.

Today, the Norwegian-American artist has blessed the universe with another sexually-liberating single called "Dance Like U", where she presses her crush with a pointed question about passion. In a press release, Kaya explained that the song is about "awkwardly pursuing someone" and “being so wet the liquid pours itself."

Once again, the track comes with another exquisite visual directed by Adinah Dancyger that, like the "IUD" video, explores Kaya's complex relationship with her trauma-carrying twin. Watch it all unfold in the video below.