PRETTYMUCH's "10,000 Hours" Video Is A Literal Masterpiece

Da Vinci, who?

Wow, I didn't know that I would be waking up to a brand spankin' new PRETTYMUCH music video, but the universe was truly looking out for us all today! The boys' latest visual set to their single "10,000 Hours" shows them decked out in all-white attire at their own private paint party in a warehouse space. IDK about you but suddenly my interest in art has expanded and I'm considering enrolling in a few painting classes so that I'll be ready the next time PRETTYMUCH has the urge to express themselves on a canvas. (Please paint me like one of your BEANZ!!!) But the most important thing to note from this visual masterpiece is Edwin's newly buzzed head... only he could pull off such a fresh cut! Anyway, try not to have too much FOMO and watch all the fun go down below.