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13 Bands To Know Before They Blow Up At SXSW

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If you already peeped our list of artists to watch at SXSW this year, you might have noticed that there was something major missing from the bunch: bands. Rock and roll is far from dead, but there are so many different types of bands nowadays so we wanted to make sure that all of the genres were represented in this category. Here are 13 bands that are sure to get some serious buzz after SXSW passes. Be ahead of the curve and get familiar with them all right now!

  1. Snail Mail

    Fronted by 18-year-old Lindsey Jordan, this Baltimore band is the talk of the town. The classically-trained guitarist will make you feel nostalgic for your teenage years with all of her slow-core pop punk songs.

  2. Men I Trust

    We've been grooving to this indie pop trio from Montréal for a few weeks now, but still can't get enough of their smooth songs. No doubt they'll work their magic down in Texas too.

  3. Hinds

    Everyone's favorite Spanish band is going to leave Austin covered in dust once they're through. If you want to get reckless and rowdy, don't miss this quartet's energetic sets. Hinds is set to release their sophomore album next month so fans can most likely expect to hear some new tracks live for the first time.

  4. Hatchie

    This Australian artist is slated to release her debut EP Sugar & Spice this year on Double Double Whammy so attendees will be exposed to lots of fresh shoegazey surf rock noise. From what I've heard so far, her music has a hint of dream pop to it as well.

  5. Barrie

    This Brooklyn-based five piece is coming in strong with all the groovy vibes. At the moment, the synth pop group only has one single out but it's enough to make you want to hear what else they've got in store.

  6. Now, Now

    Hailing from Minneapolis, this emo electro-pop duo makes intimate ballads with beats that hit like little jabs to your heart. Now, Now will drop their Saved album on May 18 via Trans Records.

  7. Post Animal

    Let's get one thing straight about this psych rock band: be interested in them for the music, not Joe Keery. (The Stranger Things star isn't a touring member so he probably won't be performing with the band anyway!) Newly signed to Polyvinyl, the Chicago-based band is gearing up for the release of their debut album When I Think Of You In A Castle due out on April 20. Highly RIYL Tame Impala.

  8. Soccer Mommy

    Fresh off the release of her debut album Clean, this Nashville native lets her emotions run free while reflecting on your typical adult experiences like growth, changes, isolation and lovesickness. There's no such thing as a cheat sheet to surviving your 20s!

  9. Superorganism

    This eight-piece technicolor pop collective is an international sensation that makes addictive DIY tunes that are irresistible to anyone with a sense of imagination. Tbh, it'll probably be the most fun you have the whole week.

  10. Cuco

    I'm a sucker for romance so I immediately identified with this California teen who has no shame for wearing his heart on his sleeve. Cuco's self-produced love songs read like the missing pages from one of my high school journals except he expresses his feelings far more eloquently.

  11. Pale Waves

    Heather Baron-Gracie is the leader of this dark indie pop band that makes the catchiest songs about the never-ending series of trial and error in the pursuit for romance. Pale Waves will be dropping their All These Things I've Never Said EP on March 16 so definitely keep an eye out for that! If you don't trust my taste, they're endorsed by The 1975 which certainly counts for something.

  12. IDLES

    Open the pit up and get ready for one of the most intense mosh experiences of your life. This Bristol punk rock band is working on their sophomore album which will reportedly revolve around the experience of violent grief, resisting love and establishing a sense of community. Unfiltered honesty has never been more hardcore.

  13. Sunflower Bean

    New Yorkers are no strangers to this rock 'n roll trio, but they're confidently entering a new era with their highly anticipated sophomore album Twentytwo in Blue. A little less psych-rock and a lot more daydream-inducing tunes to get through these tumultuous times that we're currently living in.