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Aux Cord: 9 Songs Sandy Cheeks Would Definitely Sing About SXSW FOMO

Almost as good as that Texas song

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL editor Sydney Gore highlights 9 artists that she wishes she was watching at SXSW right now.

  • "There Are A Thousand"- Helena Deland

    Real recognize real.

  • "Short Court Style"- Natalie Prass

    This is exactly how I feel about baja fish tacos.

  • "Lauren"- Men I Trust

    Because I've never felt FOMO quite this strong until now.

  • "Thanks 4 Nothing"- Nilüfer Yanya

    Play this every time someone breaks things off with you, but wants to pretend it's still possible to remain friends! #nonewfriends #theonlywaytomoveison

  • "Room"- Shamir

    This is more of a joy of missing out (JOMO) vibe, but you get the point.

  • "AZ"- Now, Now

    Sandy Cheeks would definitely belt out this chorus.

  • "Static Buzz"- Snail Mail

    Listen to your gut, y'all.

  • "163 För Evigt" (Remix)- Cherrie featuring Kehlani

    I don't speak a lick of Swedish, but I know a banger when I hear it.

  • "Poppin"- Rico Nasty

    Not sure why I've been feeling so angsty lately, but I think a little moshing would get it all out of my system.