Photo courtesy of Sigrid

Sigrid Just Wants To Be Her Most Authentic Self On "Raw"

"I'm honest, no offense"

After a year full of tremendous growth with the release of her Don't Kill My Vibe EP, Sigrid is about to take over 2018. The Norwegian pop singer just dropped a brand-new single called "Raw," the beginning of a new music wave where she plans to release new material EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Count your lucky stars because I don't know what we did to deserve such a gift!

"Raw" shows Sigrid at her most confident yet as she dons on an unapologetic attitude to vocalize the importance of being true to yourself over faking it for the sake of pleasing someone else. "No, I could never fake it/ Like players always playing," she sings with defiance. "Arrest me if I hurt you/ But no apologies for being me."

Stream the entire ballad below.