It's Probably Not "Healthy" To Listen To PRETTYMUCH As Often As I Do

"I'm sick thinking 'bout you when you're not with me"

Somebody call a doctor because I can't get out of my bed now that I've started listening to this new PRETTYMUCH single! On the other hand, I feel like "Healthy" is exactly what any parent would want you to have for breakfast; it's a delicious snack to get your day started.

Having trouble sleeping? Lost your appetite? Thinking about someone way more than you probably should? Heart racing at the mere sight of a certain someone? No tests necessary, I know exactly what type of experience PRETTYMUCH is describing here—having a crush! If you identify with the BEANZ and these sound like your symptoms, it only means that you have crossed a point of no return and are 100% obsessed with the boys.

This is the morning bop that all BEANZ deserve! Gut health is super important so please make sure that you consume something nutritious before bumping this tasty track.