Photo by Amanda Charchian

Hayley Kiyoko Spills Her Feelings All Over The Place On "Let It Be"

"I'm making such a mess of my feelings"

Listening to Hayley Kiyoko's music feels like the opening a can full of feelings that desperately want to escape. Her latest single "Let It Be" is a messy outpour of those soon-to-be broken up feels. The emotional ballad takes things slow as the 26-year-old airs out the struggles of letting go of a relationship with an approaching expiration date. Even though you might miss that special someone, the only way to move is on.

"Washing the sheets 'cause you're still in my bed/ Can't leave the dark 'cause you're all in my head," she sings in the bridge. "All in my head and it's killing me, it's killing me/ 'Cause we're at the end."

Hayley's debut album Expectations drops on March 30 via Atlantic Records and features her older singles "Curious" and "Feelings." The queer pop queen has been counting down the record release by teasing some of the tracks on Instagram if you're curious about what to expect. (#20gayteen is going to be legendary!) Stream the latest single in the video below.