Tommy Genesis Is The Cowgirl Of Your Dreams In Her "Lucky" Video

But she doesn't need to be saved

Today, we are truly the lucky ones because Tommy Genesis has decided to release the music video for her latest single "Lucky" into the world. The self-directed short film is a modern interpretation of old westerns, with Tommy taking the lead as she struts around a desolate town and plays dress up on the dusty premises. I'm pretty sure that licking weapons is not safe so I don't advise that you try that anytime soon, but Tommy's calling the shots for this round.

The cool thing about this visual is that the narrative doesn't involve any men whatsoever, with Tommy out here tossing away the often-used damsel-in-distress narrative, not giving a damn about having any company... that is, until a mysterious figure crosses her path at the end and things get fatal. "I made this video because whenever I closed my eyes and listened to 'Lucky,' I'd see a western-type setup," she told Billboard. "It's very aesthetic in the sense it could be an extended perfume ad." She also mentioned that some aspects of it serve as an ode to artist Richard Prince's 1992 series "Cowboys & Girlfriends."

"Lucky" is fresh off the Vancouver rapper's forthcoming album Genesis. While a release date has not been disclosed at this time, it's probably for the best because I would feel compelled to fast forward the rest of my remaining days. Get swept up into the whole scene through the video below.