Watch Panic! At The Disco Use The Power Of Rock To Beat Up A Masked Mob

Panic, pray & say amen!

Panic! At The Disco is notorious for creating overly dramatic visuals, but Brendon Urie has cranked things up a notch for the band's latest music video for "Say Amen (Saturday Night)." The Daniel “Cloud” Campos and Spencer Susser-directed action film shows Brendon getting ready for the ultimate date with disaster. Our fave frontman takes on the role of a high-profile burglar in major trouble as he's ambushed by a group of masked assassins hired to take a coveted artifact off his hands. I hate spoilers so I won't say much more, but there's a sick twist at the end so make sure to keep this rolling until the finish!

As the lead single off the band's next album Pray For The Wicked, "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" really sets the tone, especially when Brendon hits all those high notes toward the end of the track. (I'm seriously about jump out of my seat and shout "hallelujah" at everyone within reach.) In a recent interview with Alternative Press, Brendon explained how the song was born out of reflecting on his career and how it connects to his religious roots in the Mormon church.

"There may be a sad underlying message, but for the most part, I’m just really taking back my tradition--I’m doing my job,” he says. “I’m not really religious at all. I mean, you could argue that I am. I don’t know: It’s something about the way I was raised that I can’t knock all of those traditions that I feel so positive about. On this one, I compare myself to the wicked, but do I consider myself wicked, as well? There’s a dichotomy there, for sure."

Pray For The Wicked is expected for release on June 22 via Fueled By Ramen. You can also listen to the second single "(F*ck A) Silver Lining" right here. Watch all the drama unfold in the video below.