Photo by Bryant

Bazzi Is A Little Too "Honest" With His Ex On His New Single

Feel the burn

The last thing you should be doing today is snoozing when Bazzi's brand-new single is seconds away from becoming the new theme song for your trifling ex. "Honest" is about having such strong chemistry with someone that it quickly burns out and winds up leading them into the bed of your best friend instead. I can't confirm whether or not this is actually based on a true story, but Bazzi did tweet that it's "the realest song I've ever written," so I'm sure someone out there knows the truth. There are a few lines that will instantly remind you of Take Care-era Drake, like "How you doing things just to get a reaction?" and the not-so-subtle "I wonder if he's there right now f*cking you like I used to."

The grainy, fluorescent-tinted visual will make heartbreakers feel the burn with all the smoke and seduction filling the frame as a pouty Bazzi replays every moment he spent with his ex and outlines his process of moving on (which is mostly delete, delete, delete). This video slightly recalls an '80s crime drama, but the only victim here is Bazzi's heart. I couldn't tell you what the levitating rose symbolizes, but it's certainly a nice touch in the grand scheme of things.

Lately, Bazzi has been basking in the glow of high speed success: next month he'll be opening for Camilla Cabello on her sold-out Never Be The Same Tour, and he recently tweeted that his breakout single "Mine" was certified platinum.

"Honest" is honestly fire and you won't want to sleep on this slow-burning ballad, so stop what you're doing and stream it right now. Want more Bazzi in your life pronto? Revisit his appearance on TRL last month!