Photo courtesy of Jesse McCartney

Jesse McCartney Formally Reintroduces Himself With "Better With You"

Comeback season is in session, baby

After letting your faves have a moment for a year or ten, Jesse McCartney is back in the flesh with a new song, baby! The last time we heard from this beautiful soul was back in 2014 when he released In Technicolor, an experimental phase for the singer-songwriter to flex his pop muscle à la Justin Timberlake. It was quite the departure from Departure, but in a good way as it marked a period of growth for Jesse as an artist.

Now that his hiatus is finally over, Jesse is ready to go back to his roots though. The 30-year-old's latest single "Better With You" is proof that good things take time to build if you want them to last. In a recent interview with PAPER, he explained how the tune has "a hopeful, uplifting message" because it was written during what he describes as a "turbulent time socially and politically."

"The world felt like it was unravelling," he said. "I think it was a song that I thought everyone would want to hear and frankly I wanted to hear. So I wrote it."

The material for Jesse's next record will touch on feelings of anxiety about the future and the state of the world while also honing in on his typical themes of romance... a crazy balance, I know. While he's a completely different person now than when he started his career in the late '90s (Dream Street forever), it seems like Jesse is still up to his old tricks based on how everything unfolds in the accompanying visual. Watch all the cute couple drama go down in the video below.