Photo by Francesca Allen

Sigrid Reflects On The Woes Of Growing Up With "I Don't Want To Know"

The road to adulthood sure is a long trip

No matter what adults have previously told you, growing up is a weird process to navigate. If you've been feeling anxious about what to expect when entering adulthood, Sigrid is here to guide you on your way. The 21-year-old pushes some of those raw feelings that eat away at your mind to the forefront on a new stripped down song titled "I Don't Want To Know." The Norwegian singer-songwriter premiered the slow, piano-driven ballad today on Beats 1. During her interview with Zane Lowe, she explained that the song is "an homage to growing up and all the good sides of it and the bad sides of it, and you know that whole thing with growing up and figuring out things."

Sigrid also points to The War on Drugs and Fleetwood Mac as influences for this particular track. "I Don't Want To Know" follows Sigrid's previously released single "Raw." Both songs will be featured on her forthcoming Raw EP. Stream the new song in full below and listen to the entire interview here.