Photo by Jimmy Bui

Clairo Takes Her BROCKHAMPTON Fandom To The Next Level

Listen to her acoustic cover of "Waste"

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a cool new indie pop singer named Clairo. She's been bubbling for quite some time and has worked with other artists across the globe like Danny L Harle, Jakob Ogawa, Brennan Henderson and Mellow Yellow, gradually unraveling the pieces that are a part of her official debut. While we wait for the next big reveal, she's treated us to a beautiful cover of "Waste" by BROCKHAMPTON.

If you weren't previously informed, BROCKHAMPTON is one of the greatest boy bands on earth: seriously, we're so lucky to be living in an era where these boys are changing the music world for good. (My body is VERY ready for them to return to the TRL studio and shut down Times Square once again.) While this cover is great and all, I'm REALLY begging the music goddesses for an ACTUAL collaboration between Clairo and BROCKHAMPTON... Please make this happen!

BROCKHAMPTON has a new album titled Puppy slated for release this summer, but there's still time on the clock to make this a reality. I still don't know how Clairo is balancing all of this stuff while being a full-time student at Syracuse University, but kids these days can do any and everything right?! Anyway, stream Clairo's lovely version of "Waste" below.