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Aux Cord: Welcome To Boy Band Mania!

I was busy thinkin' bout... 13 groups of boys

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL editor Sydney Gore highlights hits from the best boy bands of all time because she's been diving deep into boy mania lately.

  1. "Tearin' Up My Heart"- *NSYNC

    Duhhhhhhh. I still feel pain from this breakup deep within my heart.

  2. "Incomplete"- Backstreet Boys

    You were probably expecting one of their earlier hits on the charts, right? I'm sorry, but when the boys got back together after a two year hiatus and returned with this ballad I felt OVERCOME WITH EMOTION.

  3. "End Of The Road"- Boyz II Men

    Nobody makes a ballad like this grown AF group. Sometimes my mind will be wandering and then out of nowhere I start humming their signature a cappella harmonies. Of course, I'll never be able to hit the notes like Boyz II Men because I can't sing to save a life, but my point is that they are R&B kings that deserve to be worshiped until the end of time.

  4. "Girl On TV"- LFO

    How could anyone forget about this gem from 1999? LFO even got Jennifer Love Hewitt to star in the music video--FYI, she was a VERY big deal at the time. They don't make enough songs about celebrity crushes these days... RIP Rich Cronin.

  5. "Slam Dunk (Da Funk)"- Five

    Chances are that you forgot about this English group, but I distinctly remember my dad buying the 5ive album from our local record store and listening to the CD in the car A LOT. For the most part, their songs were all dance bops that promoted "getting down" and having a good time with your crew, a message that I still support to this day.

  6. "Poison"- Bell Biv DeVoe

    BBD was way before my time, but my parents cranked up their music whenever it came on the radio. For those who aren't aware, the trio stemmed from the legendary R&B group New Edition.

  7. "It Happens Every Time"- Dream Street

    Weird to think that without this little group, Jesse McCartney wouldn't exist. (Back in those days, I was obsessed with Chris Trousdale, but can you blame me? He was so cute!)

  8. "Uh Huh"- B2K

    R&B boy bands were severely overlooked in the 2000s, but I really don't get how they were so underrated because B2K HAD THE RANGE! Omarion and his crew were really out here bringing the heat. Remember the A-list casting in the "What A Girl Wants" music video?

  9. "Paranoid"- Jonas Brothers

    This might be the only group to "break up," that didn't leave me feeling devastated because it all ended on good terms. (They ARE brothers after all...) Thanks to these beautiful brunette boys, we all got to experience six years of pure, pop rock bliss.

  10. "You & I"- One Direction-

    This is still a sensitive subject for many fans, but boy what a run these lads had. Even if they never reunite as a five-piece, we are forever a 1D nation. I just hope that all of the guys go on to have successful solo careers because they truly deserve it! Don't mind me over here sobbing to this timeless ballad...

  11. "Mic Drop"- BTS

    These guys are already legends and they've only been around for five years. K-pop is going to take over the entire world, don't resist it.

  12. "Open Arms"- PRETTYMUCH

    I really thought that I was finally over boy bands, but then PRETTYMUCH came to perform on TRL and once those harmonies penetrated my soul I was full-on fangirling and identifying as a part of the BEANZ community. I'm in so deep; even though they haven't even dropped an album yet, I still don't want to go back to what my life was like before they were a part of it.

  13. "Boogie"- BROCKHAMPTON

    I love that these guys aren't your traditional boy band. Between rapping about boys and dropping a series of albums whenever they feel like it, BROCKHAMPTON is turning the music industry upside down and redefining it on their own terms. Baller alert!