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AUX CORD: 16 Queer Anthems Making 2018 Infinitely Better

And we are 100% here for it

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, the TRL social team highlights representation within the LGBT community with a roundup of empowering anthems from openly queer artists released in 2018.

  • "Curious"- Hayley Kiyoko

    All Lesbian Jesus jokes aside, it's so refreshing to finally see same-sex narratives become normalized within the music industry. Girls like girls, ya dig?

  • "Pristine"- Snail Mail

    Because nothing feels quite as good as coming clean about your feelings.

  • "Beat For The Gods"- Laverne Cox

    Someone please let me know when the next vogue ball is...

  • "Ponyboy"- SOPHIE

    How lucky are we to be orbiting within such an open and fluid dimension of the electronic music scene?

  • "Yo"- Le1f

    Last week, Le1f surprise dropped his Blue Dream EP and the world was not ready for it!

  • "Tongue"- MNEK

    Lick lick.

  • "Sanctify"- Years & Years

    Because who hasn't gotten caught up in a romance where the other person isn't quite ready to come to terms with who they really are?

  • "My My My!"- Troye Sivan

    I get chills every time I'm exposed to this piece of pop perfection.

  • "Heart to Break"- Kim Petras

    She's truly the transgender pop star that teens deserve.

  • "Kiss The Boy"- Keiynan Lonsdale

    Warning: The accompanying music video might make you cry.

  • "When It's Alright"- Alyson Stoner

    This song is about the pure joy of embracing your sexual identity and I am 100% here for it.

  • "Make Me Feel"- Janelle Monáe

    Now that she's done skirting around conversations about her sexuality, everyone can embrace this song as a celebration of pure sexual liberation.

  • "Bike Ride"- Rostam

    Polyamorous relationships aren't for everyone, but they work for some people out there!

  • "Lucky"- Tommy Genesis

    The baddest bisexual cowgirl in the Wild, Wild West.

  • "Honey"- Kehlani

    I'm still not over that Twitter thread where Kehlani outlined her sexuality and went off about how she is least attracted to straight cis men... Love is love!

  • "Rose Tinted Cheeks"- Tyler, The Creator

    I know that this is a rough draft, but it's better than the final version of any written piece that I've ever turned in.