Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

SZA Alters The Concept Of Time In Her "Broken Clocks" Video

Take me to Camp CTRL!

I swear that the only person with a broken clock is me because I woke up way earlier than usual without my alarm going off... But it was FATE because I immediately awoke to SZA quietly dropping a music video for "Broken Clocks." Fans that previously complained about how the Solange-driven visual for "The Weekend" was a little too abstract should be pleased with what they see this time around because there's actually a narrative. SZA and Dave Free directed the crafty visual which takes place at the fictional Camp CTRL and almost feels like a black version of The Parent Trap meets Wet Hot American Summer. (The '00s really nailed the concept for sleepaway camp adventures.) Later on, SZA and her down-to-earth, nature loving crew face off against their bougie, bratty rivals at the prestigious Camp Vanderwoffenberg. It's almost too good to be true with all of the food fights in the cafeteria and a cozy s'mores session by the bonfire, but there's a clever twist at the end. Watch the whole adventure unfold below.