Photo courtesy of SOFI TUKKER

SOFI TUKKER Wants You To Be Your "Batshit" Crazy Self

Viva la vida loca

By now, you're no stranger to the sounds of SOFI TUKKER. Your favorite dance duo has emerged out of the concrete jungle to share another gem fresh off their debut album. Tucker takes the lead on their new single "Batshit," which is anchored by his dramatic talk-singing of the line “Oh you’re bad enough to me" at a super-low octave sans a pitch shift. (His voice is naturally that deep, who knew!) Consider this to be your new theme song whenever someone at the party tries to kill your vibe by demanding that you "calm down" or "chill out."

SOFFI TUKKER's debut album Treehouse officially drops on April 11. Mark your calendar and listen to the duo's latest hit below. While you're here, might as well rewatch SOFI TUKKER perform "Best Friend" live in the TRL studio too...