Photo by John Phillips/Getty Images

Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa's "One Kiss" Will Help You Find Love In The Club

Please smooch with caution

Mercury may be in retrograde, but that's not going to hinder Dua Lipa from hitting us with... well, hits. Her Calvin Harris-produced single "One Kiss" is finally out and not only was it 100% worth the wait, it lives up to all the hype after days of teasing.

"One kiss is all it takes/ Falling in love with me/ Possibilities/ I look like all you need," Dua repeats in the chorus. Her delivery comes out like a long exhale while an intoxicating arrangement of succulent beats rise and fall in the background. It's the '90s house music banger that we didn't know we needed; I'm not sure what Calvin is up to, but my body is ready for some more Funk Wav Bounces if he's got another volume in the vault.

Apparently, the producer has been a fan of Dua's since “Be The One” came out and they hit it off once they met IRL. "I just want to make dance music again, it seemed like a good opportunity to make a house-sounding record with her," he said in an interview with Zane Low.

Bump this bop in all its delicious glory below.