I Guarantee You'll Want To Live Inside Asukal's "How It's Gonna B" Video

Your express ticket to post-breakup paradise

Way back in January when we all had a bad case of the bomb cyclone blues, TRL introduced you to a super ~chill~ New York-based singer named Asukal. Last year, the self-described "candi rAt" pop artist single-handedly cleansed my soul with her Purity EP. Now, she's advancing to the next level by making her music video debut for the single "How's It Gonna B."

Directed by Tara Mikes, the pink-tinted visual is something out of a dreamy, post-breakup paradise circa 2000, as Asukal bats her glossy eyes from room to room. Each setting has its own distinct vibe—the heavenly dessert room is decorated with super Instagrammable treats, while a silver, metallic vortex finds Asukal both telling someone off on a Motorola flip phone and gently stroking a dead fish. Oh, and there's also a dark, neon-lit area where some choreography breaks out, because that's what 2018 is all about baby. If there's a way that I can transport into this world, please let me know ASAP.

“The premise of the song is an exploration of self and independence after a bad relationship," Asukal told Milk. "There’s a burst of pink feminine energy right from the first scene, but with a closer look, the Spaghetti O’s and Spam don’t look as cute and appealing. It parallels my song production and melody emphasizing a bubbly optimistic journey with lyrics that are a bit darker and heavier. Sometimes you just need to embrace emotions in a convoluted and messy situation to fully process it and move on.”

See it for yourself in the video, below.