Photo by Emma Svensson

Tove Styrke's "On The Low" Is For Lovers Who Have Lost Their Chill

Blame the rush on all your tripping

Sometimes love can turn you into a person that you barely recognize: it can cause you to do crazy things and act in ways that you wouldn't have dared to before. Getting bit by the love bug can cause all types of withdrawal, but that's because it's also pretty amazing. Swedish pop singer Tove Styrke captures all of these spiraling feelings on her catchy new single "On The Low." The 25-year-old will give you a rush on the Elof Loelv-produced track as she whispers sweet nothings about how she needs to stop sneaking around with her lover, but the mere thought of giving it all up makes her feel miserable.

"Why you need space now?/ I don't wanna zoom out/ Now, what's wrong with you being close to me?" she sings in the bridge. "Oh, why you wanna play it cool?/It's gonna make me hate you, me too/ Sorry, I'm just saying what I feel."

In a press release, Tove describes the song as "the heart" of her forthcoming sophomore album. "It’s the smallest song in terms of how it sounds, but in another way it’s the biggest," she says. "It’s just a straight up love song, but what else do you really need?"

Sway is set to drop on May 4. Stream the latest track in full below.