Niia & Gallant Make Looking "Constantly Dissatisfied" Seem Classy AF

Real grown-up behavior

It feels like we are never getting out of Niia season and I'm extremely content keeping it this way. Today, the R&B singer starts the week off with a Hollywood-inspired visual for a new version of "Constantly Dissatisfied" featuring Gallant (the original can be heard on her sophomore album I). The following passage flashes on the screen at the beginning of the Sasha Samsonova-directed music video: "Long periods of Constant Dissatisfaction may cause excessive drinking, smoking and erratic behavior." This doubles as a warning for the approaching drama that is about to unfold before your eyes and also something to generally keep in mind as you go through life.

Niia stays classy as she evokes a constant mode of distress and smokes a cigarette in every frame while donning dark wigs and flashy outfits. As for Gallant, he spends most of his time lurking alone in various hallways of the home that they share while looking cozy AF in some gorgeous turtleneck sweaters... that is, when he's not shirtless and spread out on a turquoise velvet sofa. In summary, this is the mood that I will be in for the rest of the week until the weather is at least 60 degrees. Watch the full collaboration in the video below.