Photo courtesy of Empress Of

Empress Of Blesses Our Ears With "Trust Me Baby" & "In Dreams"

A fresh batch of beautiful bilingual ballads

Although there's no cure for mercury in retrograde, new music from Empress Of will surely suffice. Until recently, Lorely Rodriguez hadn't released anything under her moniker since the 2017 single "Go To Hell." Today, she finally returns to the music world with "Trust Me Baby," the A-side to another new track called "In Dreams." Lorely has always been proud of her Spanish-Honduran heritage and seamlessly switches between singing English and Spanish on both of these mellow, melancholic tunes. In a recent Beats 1 interview with Zane Lowe, she explained how the songs are about specific romantic relationships that "hurt too much" to fully address in English, which is why she felt empowered to take the bilingual route for this fresh batch of material.

"I just started to sing in Spanish and the stuff I was trying to write in English felt so much more natural," she said. "When I sing in Spanish I literally hit different notes... It takes a different part of my voice my register and it's just literally like someone else is possessing my body. And I think that's why I could write about these relationships that I couldn't write about in other songs."

Empress Of is currently putting together the follow-up album to 2015's Me on Terrible Records. Last year, she collaborated with Khalid an DJDS on "Why Don't You Come On." In 2016, she was featured on Blood Orange's Freetown Sound track "Best To You." Stay tuned for more from this indie pop princess and stream her new singles in full now!