Photo by Leeor Wild

Calpurnia Channels Their Inner Lonely Boy On "Louie"

Ready or not, here comes 'Scout'

Right now, everyone has their eyes on Calpurnia. We warned you to keep them on your radar at the top of the year, and they have proven to be a worthy contender with every new release that comes our way. Today, the Vancouver rockers unleashed a new single called "Louie," which lead guitarist Ayla Tesler-Mabe describes as a "lively and colourful product of a studio transformation."

In the press release, she notes how the song shows "the perspective of a guy who always leaves his partner, and though she does everything she can to hold down the fort at home, he never shows up." Those raw feelings of loneliness are strongly channeled during the guitar solo which captures "the longing she feels for him to come home, and the loneliness she feels without him at her side."

Both this track and the previously released "City Boy" will be featured on Calpurnia's debut EP Scout arriving on June 15 via Royal Mountain Records. Get in the zone and stream the single below.