Photo by Simon Jung Krestesen ​

Lolo Zouaï Is All About That "Brooklyn Love"

Ooh la la!

New York is arguably one of the best places in the entire world, but it's easy to lose sight of that when you're a hustler focused on the grind. R&B singer Lolo Zouaï shows her full gratitude for the Big Apple on her latest single "Brooklyn Love," a cute tune that romanticizes the simple routine of a low maintenance situationship. In case you were wondering, Lolo slips in some French in-between the verses and it sounds delicious. No surprise that she takes us across the bridge for a personal tour of the city through her eyes in the self-directed music video for the track. (Shoutouts to the Greenland Deli in BedStuy!) On a day as beautiful as this, the only thing you should be doing is cranking this song up while you take a stroll outside with someone you care about. Watch the full visual below and catch Lolo live at the following gigs:

May 7- The Drake Hotel @ Toronto

May 10- Rough Trade @ Brooklyn, NY

Mary 15- The Echo @ Los Angeles, CA

June 6- Badaboum @ Paris

June 12- LP at The Curtain @ London