Photo by Francesca Allen

Sigrid Sees The Emptiness Within Your Elated Ego On "High Five"

Another track from the 'Raw' EP

While it's always great to have a supportive community that firmly stands in your corner, it doesn't help if those people aren't honest with you. Sigrid is not here for any Yes Men and has no reservations about calling them out on her new song "High Five." At first listen, the tracks comes off like a fun sing-along to get you in boss mode, but the tone shifts in the chorus when Sigrid sings "Ooh, they keep saying you're the best / You ask and they say yeah / Ooh, when you add up all that's left / The high five is all you got."

Time and again, we're reminded that it gets lonely at the top. Artists themselves are constantly putting on a show for the public eye, whether that's giving us a glimpse of their private lives through social media or IRL during a literal performance. Listen to Sigrid's take on this sweet sorrow in the song below.