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Miranda Cosgrove Is Having An Iconic Moment In Rap Right Now

Let's unplug and discuss

Millennials know Miranda Cosgrove as the menacing and meddlesome little sister from Drake & Josh, but for Gen Z, the child star ascended to icon status due to her 2007 hit show iCarly. Following the end of both of those popular Nickelodeon franchises, Miranda went on to land another starring role as the voice of Margo in the Despicable Me series, while her other legendary roles lived on in the form of viral memes and rap music. Back in 2016, Rico Nasty broke out with her hit single "iCarly," and while the 20-year-old is certainly not the first or last SoundCloud rapper to reference the teen sitcom on a trap track, she definitely did it the most skillfully.

Last year, Lil Pump started publicly declaring his admiration for the actress on social media and defending her honor when necessary—at one point, he even baked a cake with Miranda's face on it to prove his devotion. A few months ago, the 17-year-old really took things to the next level by naming his Carnage-assisted single "iShyne" paired with artwork that looks identical to the sitcom logo.

Lil Pump isn't alone in his obsession with Miranda. Earlier this month, Juice Wrld revealed that he's also a fan of her earlier work. It all started when a fan asked the Chicago rapper who hurt him—he replied that if the inquiry tweet received 1,000 retweets then he would name drop the root of his pain. The tweet obviously surpassed that generous amount and the 19-year-old held up his end of the bargain for the biggest plot twist of all:

But wait, there's more! Up until today, 9-year-old rapper Lil Tay claimed that her Instagram account was managed by Miranda Cosgrove. While that line has since been removed from her bio, the nine-year-old's name remains as Lil Tay Cosgrove, leading many people to believe that she might be related to the actress somehow. According to a few sources on the internet, Miranda was apparently raised as an only child so case closed, no need to alert the FBI about this riveting investigation!

While this is all probably a part of some big joke that actual adults will never understand, I can't help but wonder how Miranda feels about this fixation that has recently emerged seemingly out of nowhere. All of these rappers that currently stan for the 25-year-old are still young, but Miranda clearly made a lasting impression on them during the fundamental years of their childhood. Either way, it's time for Miranda to break her silence on the matter. Not only do I think that she should hold a press conference, but I propose that she does it live on TRL. Oh, and she should obviously star in a music video soon... If Lil Pump can't make it happen, nobody can.