Photo courtesy of Bishop Briggs

Bishop Briggs' Church Of Scars Album Is A Stellar Debut

A powerful introduction

Nearly two years after breaking out with the hit "River" off her self-titled EP, Bishop Briggs is finally sharing her debut full-length album with the world. Given that she was born in London and raised in Tokyo and Hong Kong by her Scottish parents, the 25-year-old's personal background is one big melting pot, and her sound is a reflection of that diverse upbringing.

The 10 tracks that make up Church Of Scars serve as a full taste of what she has to offer as an emerging indie pop singer. There's a song for every type of situation, whether you need a motivational anthem to fight the good fight, a song that takes you to a safe space inside your mind or a brooding breakup ballad to mend your wounded heart.

The title of the album comes from a lyric on the track “Hallowed Ground." Bishop further explained her reasoning behind the name in a press release. "It had to be the album title because it’s how I felt while creating what you are about to hear," she said. "It was about being unafraid of those wounds. So, with that being said, I hope you feel less alone by hearing this album."

Stream the entire project in full below.