Photo courtesy of MTV

PRETTYMUCH Returns To TRL Just In Time For Breakfast

"I'm so glad that we get to feed the BEANZ"

Last week, PRETTYMUCH made the world a better place by *finally* releasing their debut EP. BEANZ everywhere have been snacking on it all weekend long, but TRL thought it would be a real treat to have the boys return to the heart of Times Square for a long overdue catch up session in the studio. Jersey Shore's Vinny Guadagnino this week's TRL guest host and didn't hesitate to put the boys on blast with intense rounds of Most Likely To, Requestions and a pop quiz. Not only did we learn about Brandon's secret talent and Zion's favorite dance move, but we also found out that Austin is very open-minded to ditching his blonde locks and cutting his hair!

During their third appearance on the show, PRETTYMUCH also spilled some of the juiciest details about PRETTYMUCH an EP, including what really goes down at Simon Cowell's crib. The boys also declared their unwavering commitment to feeding the BEANZ, arguably the most important talking point! As expected, reactions to the EP on social media have been extremely positive and PRETTYMUCH is eternally grateful for all the support (united, we stan)! PRETTYMUCH also enlightened everyone with some wise Monday Motivations.

The BEANZ are always on PRETTYMUCH's mind, so the boys shared some of their favorite memories with fans as well, proving the unconditional love is real. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET. Want more boy band mania? Tune in on Wednesday for Why Don't We.