Ravyn Lenae's "4 Leaf Clover" Video Is The Best Film You'll See All Day

...and it's free!

It makes sense that TRL alum Ravyn Lenae would wait until spring has officially sprung to release a brand-new music video from her fantastic Crush EP. The latest tune to get the full-on visual treatment is the closing track "4 Leaf Clover" which features Steve Lacey on vocals.

In the Andre Muir-directed video, Ravyn stays calm, cool and collected in the company of her girls while an unlucky ex insists on orbiting in the background. (The ones that walk away always have a funny way of coming back...) I honestly don't blame him for sticking around; who wouldn't want to be a part of Ravyn's world?! The whole narrative plays out like a mini movie that you'll never want to end because it's thoroughly entertaining.

Watch all the drama unfold in the video below.