Photo courtesy of Tove Styrke

Tove Styrke Wants You To "Sway" Into Love

"So if you’re into me, I got the energy"

I don't know about you, but my experiences with falling have been nothing but painful. So when I think about the fact that we continue to use the phrase "falling in love," nothing about it sounds appealing! Tove Styrke is clearly riding that same wave length as demonstrated by her latest single "Sway," the title track for her forthcoming album.

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe, the Swedish pop star explained how the track is one of the most romantic tracks featured on the record. Whereas "Changed My Mind" is about the mess of being attracted to an ex, this bubbly tune captures the thrilling sensation of falling into a rhythm with someone once a deeper connection has officially been established.

"The album is like a collection of little love stories and some of them are like not romantic at all because life is like that you know and some of them are really like pink and like everything is good," said Tove. "It's just like nice, and you're in love, and that's why I love that song so much."

Sway drops everywhere on May 4. Stream the love song in full below.