Photo by Chris Schoonover

Trevor Powers Finally Returns From His Hiatus With "Playwright"

"It's been said the worst prisons are the ones we build for ourselves"

Two years ago, Trevor Powers shocked the music world when he decided to retire his solo project Youth Lagoon after releasing the third and final album Savage Hills Ballroom. During the indefinite hiatus, he retreated from social media and headed across the globe to Japan. Today, he finally returns to the grid with a brand-new single titled "Playwright." While there are no details regarding a forthcoming album, Trevor's latest offering to us is just enough to leave listeners satisfied after enduring such a long period of static silence.

Once again, he's created an introspective soundbite most enjoyable when streamed in solitude. As explained with a handwritten note, the track is about breaking free from the multitude of opposing paradoxes within ourselves and the human need to constantly be in a state of control. "I've been learning that love cannot exist without nightmares," he states. "Peace cannot exist without pain."

The accompanying visual directed by Dan Opsal is an extension of this powerful train of thought as demonstrated by the Aqualillies, a team of professional synchronized swimmers that blow all other forms of choreography out of the water.

Trevor further addressed the reasoning behind departing from his former moniker, describing Youth Lagoon as a "mental dungeon" that held him captive. "It's been said the worst prisons are the ones we build for ourselves/the barriers, rules, and regulations that we choose to live by out of fear of the unknown or because we think it's what we're supposed to do," he writes. "But I now feel freed. This project is the beginning of something new; not the continuation of something old."

Dive into the brilliant mind of Trevor Powers through the video below.