Photo by Sam San Román

Now, Now Pay Respect To The Ultimate Legend On "MJ"

Emo pop icons in the making

For months, we've been telling you to look out for Minneapolis band Now, Now. The duo is a few weeks away from releasing their third album Saved and has graced us with another catchy track off the record. Now, Now's sound is often labeled as emo pop music, but their latest single has the power to turn a sweaty mosh pit into a liberated dance party. If the title doesn't make it obvious enough, "MJ" is a nod to the late Michael Jackson. Throughout the upbeat thigh slapper, KC Dalager casually makes references to some of his greatest hits like "Billie Jean." In a recent interview with DIY, KC further explained her connection to the legend.

“This song was written from the perspective of me speaking to Michael Jackson about a deteriorating relationship. He’s my childhood idol and someone I looked up to that has influenced my life,” she said. “I felt he was someone that was a connecting point between me and someone else, only to realize that was used as a connecting point between that person and another person. So this song is me venting to Michael about that situation.”

Saved is officially out on May 18 via Trans Records. Jam out to Now, Now's shiny new single below.