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Aux Cord: 11 Songs For Dancing Naked In The Shower

Daily Naked Affirmations (Shower Time!)

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL associate producer Clay Taylor a.k.a. Clayme Pham selects 11 songs that set the mood for a self-empowering, goodbye negativity shower party. In his own words...

"Okay, maybe you’re a morning person and already are dominating every Case Of The Mondays (good for you??) OR maybe you’re like a seriously normal person (me. we’re talking about me.) and you’re extreeeeemly sluggish in the morning. You check yourself out in the mirror, admire your gorgeous bed-head, wonder to yourself why you have to shower off this LEWK you’re already serving, and quickly remember how rapidly the grease attacks your body without your morning cleaning ritual. So into the bathroom you go, missy! Time for a shower. But not just any shower. Clay Taylor’s Bangin’ Shower Hour. Hit it!"

  • "Sway"- Tove Styrke

    Get the hot water running and turn up the speakers with my current earworm. The first time I heard this song, little heart emojis appeared in front of my eyes: a match made in Spotify Discover Weekly heaven. This is the title track from Swedish singer Tove Styrke’s latest album, and if you’ve never heard of Tove Syrke, just know she's probably besties with Lorde and Katy Perry (having toured with both), and shares the same first name as TRL-gal-pal Tove Lo. Who knew there was room for not one but TWO Toves in my life? It’s time to wake up, hunny!!

  • "I’d Rather Be Me"- Barrett Wilbert Weed (Mean Girls: The Musical)

    I’m taking this shower party to Girl World with this ‘So Fetch’ vocally-led jam from Mean Girls: The Musical about disposing negative energy and people from your life. Have fun singing your haters to h-e-double-toothpicks. It’s also wayyy too satisfying waving your middle finger. Naked. In the shower.

  • "No Tears Left To Cry"- Ariana Grande

    Your daily affirmation continues with this sincere bop brought to us by princess, queen, and angel Ariana Grande. God bless Ariana. She is way too fly to partake in hate and you know who else is?? You! The only reason I’d have tears is if I got shampoo in my eyes. Ouch! Otherwise, we vibin’.

  • "High Five"- Sigrid

    They keep saying you’re the best. You — of course — say, “YAAASSS.” Because you’re a strong, independent, and possibly queer queen like *me.*

  • "High Horse"- Kacey Musgraves

    Giddy up! Lather on some body wash and lip sync your heart out to this country-meets-pop anthem (body wash microphone optional).

  • "Love Myself"- Hailee Steinfeld

    Babes. Love yourself. So hard it hurts. Love yourself in the shower. Interpret that as you will. :)

  • "Watch Me Shine"- Joanna Pacitti

    Remember this power track from Legally Blonde? Who cares. Because I surely do! Channel your inner Elle Woods and test out your boxing skills with some light jabbing and upper cuts (aimed directly at your day’s to-do list). Please don’t tell me you don’t feel on top of the world after this one.

  • "Talia"- King Princess

    King Princess is here to remind us to quit wasting time over heartbreak through the lens of queerness. It also reminds me sometimes it’s O.K. to enjoy an adult beverage in the shower, especially if it’s 8pm on a Friday.

  • "Bling Bling"- Junglepussy

    It’s a full-time job f*ckn lovin’ yourself. Meow!

  • "COPYCAT"- Billie Eilish

    This devilishly delicious track will send your copycats running for cover. (Also, if you brush your teeth in the shower, try scrubbing that bacteria away to the beat of the chorus. My, what beautiful teeth you have!)

  • "Waving Through A Window"- Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen)

    Time to step out of the shower and dry off your bootylicious body to this empowering track. I’m still burning burning my vocal chords to last year’s winner of Best Musical at the Tonys.