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Aux Cord: 12 Songs For Saying Goodbye To Pieces Of Your Past

Bye bye byeeeeee

Welcome to AUX CORD, TRL’s weekly playlist feature celebrating the latest and greatest in music. Each week, someone in the TRL orbit will be providing you with a completely custom playlist starring their current sonic faves. This week, TRL editor Sydney Gore signs off with 12 tunes that set the mood for bidding adieu and moving on to something new.

  • "Det Slår Mig Ibland"- Cherrie

    Because a little R&B can't hurt you more than what you've already endured! Even in Swedish, I feel what Cherrie is expressing through this track, and that's what makes music a universal language that unites us all.

  • "Canyons"- Barrie

    Breaking news: Trying to change someone's mind is pointless! Instead of wasting more of your time on those toxic weeds, let go and let grow.

  • "Face Up"- Washed Out

    Whenever I open my mind and dive into to this jam, I pretend that I'm curled up by a pool when out of nowhere, one of the ghosts from fuccboi's past appears. Knowing better than to interrupt me in a state of leisure, we just intensely stare into each other's eyes for a little too long and then carry on separately.

  • "Potential"- KLLO

    This is how I interpreted this electro-pop bop: Walking down memory lane often leads to more pain than pleasure, but every experience teaches you a valuable lesson and that's what counts the most. What if-ing your life away will only get you lost inside your head, so don't get stuck wishing for things that are done and over. Don't let yourself miss out on something good because it's not here yet... the universe could very well be in the process of sending it your way.

  • "Screwed"- Janelle Monáe featuring Zoë Kravitz

    Tap into full-on IDGAF mode with this delicious piece of ear candy about getting what's yours and preventing others from killing your vibe. Empower yourself by any means necessary, baby.

  • "utopia"- Lykke Li

    If someone asked me what a love that never dies sounds like, I would play them this tune. Lykke Li dedicated it to all the mothers on this earth and I think that's such a sweet gesture. so sad so sexy isn't even out yet and I'm already a mess.

  • "Playwright"- Trevor Powers

    Letting go is hard to do, but it's the only way to move on. This single beautifully captures this internal struggle that we are all subjected to throughout our lives on this tragic planet.

  • "Geyser"- Mitski

    You know that sensation that runs through your body after you release a heavy load of emotions that are directly attached to someone or something that you love deeply? The passion practically pours out of the speakers and finds its way back down into your gut. That's what this song feels like when I listen to it.

  • "Juicy Socks"- Cherry Glazerr

    Hurting someone else really sucks, but it's inevitable when you participate in matters of the heart. Hopefully, the damage won't be irreparable.

  • "Heat Wave"- Snail Mail

    This song sort of reminds me of waking up in a cold sweat after having a relatively pleasant dream, then going through the process of realizing that whatever bliss you were experiencing was a figment of your imagination and not your less satisfactory reality.

  • "Unbothered"- Omar Apollo

    It takes time to fully get over someone, but when you finally do, it feels so good that you could shout about it from the rooftop of a building.

  • "The Ultracheese"- Arctic Monkeys

    Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is as close to perfect as it could possibly get. I love that this ballad is the closing track on the album because it portrays the very real process of Alex Turner reflecting on his past and how the decisions he made in his life got him to where he is today. Obviously, the outro eats me up inside.