Rita Ora's "Girls" Is A Beautiful Bisexual Anthem

Don't mess with this crew

Last year, Charli XCX made us all snap with her bubble-bursting single "Boys" and its star-studded visual. Fans begged for a follow-up that praised the superior species (*cough cough* WOMEN), and the pop star found it in her heart to deliver for her devoted angels. The final result is a fierce collaboration with Rita Ora, Cardi B and Bebe Rexha called "Girls."

Not only does this single serve as a new anthem for girl power, but it's also a celebration of bisexuality (my favorite line is from Cardi's verse when she says "Girls just wanna have fun and have their funds right"). In a previous interview, Rita explained how the track is her "twisted way of showing love for the girls in this industry" and being true to yourself.

"It really represents freedom and the chance to be what you want to be— and there being no judgment and just living your life as you want to live it," she said. "That’s what this song represents to me every time I hear it."

Rita also references Katy Perry's 2008 breakout hit “I Kissed a Girl” as a massive inspiration for her sultry, slow-building song. Learn every single word by watching the bubblegum pink tinted Everyone's Favourite-illustrated lyric video below.