Afrojack Just Started His Search For The World's Next Pop Group

This is a huge opportunity

It's Friday, so what better guest than music legend Afrojack joining Sway Calloway in the TRL studio? Before embarking on his mission to find the world's best pop vocalists and rappers for one mega group, the superstar gave us a first look at what's in store.

Over the next month, Afrojack will travel the world for round one of his Global Vocal Battle Auditions. The search will be comprised entirely of private auditions--this revolution won't be televised--because he's passionate about looking for real talent that he can work with to succeed in the industry.

Even though the real round one of auditions starts tomorrow in Amsterdam, Afrojack got it started right here in the TRL studio to give three performers an early chance at skipping the line on audition day. Each of them rocked the stage in "Drop the Mic" before getting feedback from Afrojack. Watch the action below! TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.