Safaree Doesn't Have Time For Any Drama And I Wish I Could Relate

He handles it all with class and dignity

Rapper and VH1 fam member Safaree dropped by the TRL studio to catch up with Sway Calloway about all the drama in his life. Plus, he spoiled us with a performance that had Sway rapping along!

It takes a lot of guts and courage to handle things with the amount of class the Love and Hip-Hop star has, especially while being in the public eye. With Safaree's fandom growing, he's noticed old friends sneaking back to use him -- and he's got no patience for that. Safaree also responds to T.I.'s diss about his robbery without dissing back. You've gotta watch it all below.

Then, Safaree turned the pressure up in the studio, performing his track "No Pressure" live. He even got Sway to rap along! Don't miss out on this Breakfast Bars clip, below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.