5 Reasons Why Ariana Grande Stans Are Having The Best Week Ever

It's Ari's world and I'm just living in it

The last few days should have taught us all that we now live in the United States of Ariana, and I'm totally OK with that. Ariana Grande is my fearless leader and she's having the time of her life. Here's a recap of what all Arianators need to keep up with.

First, Troye Sivan announced on Sunday that his track "Dance to This" featuring Ari comes out this Wednesday! There's BARELY enough time to even panic about this pop perfection: Troye posted an 11-second snippet and it's my favorite 11-second song.

Don't get too blinded by this, though, because Nicki Minaj is dropping her single "Bed" with Ariana on Thursday -- LITERALLY the next day! It's the latest in Nicki and Ari's collabs that give me life every single time. Like Nicki says, she's the queen of rap and young Ariana runs pop.

Not enough? Nicki and Ari agree. They're coming back next Wednesday with Ariana's collaborative single, "The Light Is Coming," which she previewed at Wango Tango on June 2. My moms are treating us well this month!

Plus, Arianators can pre-order Sweetener, Ari's upcoming album, next Wednesday, too! Mama won't give us a break and I don't want one. Thanks, sweetie!

Oh, and word on the street is that Ariana just got engaged to Pete Davidson, as if her week wasn't crazy enough. Maybe after she treats us to all this new music, Ari will go to "Honeymoon Avenue" and give the Arianators some time to stan her new music. A boy can dream!