I'm Gonna Join BTS' "Fake Love" Huddle And Nobody's Gonna Stop Me

James Corden and Ellen DeGeneres are invited, too

BTS slayed me with another perfect performance of "Fake Love" last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden and it got me thinking: can I join their huddle?

In case you're not totally caught up with the boys' choreo, at the end of "Fake Love," BTS huddles up in a giant group hug while the crowd literally goes wild. At this point, they're all totally winded from giving us their all, not missing a beat with singing and dancing. So, it's a nice way for the boys to calm down and regroup together, just like they did last night.

It's pretty much the cutest thing ever, but it's even cuter how talk show hosts are now getting in on the hug, too! It started with Ellen DeGeneres, after BTS performed "Fake Love" on her show back in May. Ellen let the boys huddle on their own for a few seconds before crashing it -- and fans went wild.

Last night, it happened all over again when James Corden took his chance to join the BTS huddle. I'm not so sure BTS is looking for an eighth member, but James looked like he totally vibed with them.

Fans noticed the huddle fun, too, and now everyone basically wants to join. I hope the boys don't mind!

I'll be on the lookout for who joins the BTS huddle next, even if it's not me (it's totally going to be me).