Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph Know All The Famous Celebs

Olivia met Cardi B and it was... interesting

Don't ever let Olivia Holt tell you she lives under a rock -- she proved that wrong alongside her Cloak and Dagger co-star Aubrey Joseph in the TRL studio.

TRL host Sway Calloway challenged the stars to identify famous duos since, you know, Olivia and Aubrey are quite the iconic pair themselves. With their faces blurred out, I couldn't name a couple of the duos, and Olivia and Aubrey put me to shame--and all that after Olivia thought she'd know none of 'em.

Not only could these two name all the celebs, but it turns out Olivia has been meeting all my faves, too! Try to imagine Olivia Holt, Cardi B, Sofia Carson, Kehlani and Bebe Rexha all at one table at a fashion show. Then watch Olivia explain how that situation played out IRL below!

Jamaican artist HoodCelebrityy stopped by to chat with Sway, too, discussing her journey of learning to stop caring about fitting into the mainstream. Now, she's all about loving herself the way she is and making sure other women can do the same. Let HoodCelebrityy inspire you below! TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.