This Kehlani Fan Did A Spot-On Impersonation That Caught Kehlani's Eye

Maybe now she'll come to Brazil

As Brazilian fans of Kehlani wait to see their queen in their country, one fan got ahead: she impersonated Kehlani herself on stage. Her choreography was spot-on -- and Kehlani noticed.

The fan, named Carolina according to her Instagram, lip-synced to a number of Kehlani's songs, including "I Wanna Be" and "Undercover." Carolina's full performance, nearly 11 minutes long, attracted a crowd back in April that can be heard cheering throughout the video. She's got two dancers beside her the whole time, even coordinating their outfits to make Carolina stand out.

A Kehlani update account on Twitter tweeted a clip of Carolina's performance yesterday that quickly got attention within the fandom. Fans replied by thanking Carolina for spreading the good word of Kehlani throughout Brazil.

I was already living for this performance, but the story gets better. Kehlani responded to the video this morning, recognizing Carolina's attention to detail and even thinking she found her understudy! Maybe I could be a second alternate?

As much as fans loved this interaction, nobody wants Kehlani to quit her job. They just want her to come to Brazil.